Who We Are

About Us

We are a commodity trading company of earth rich minerals and Agricultural produce. We deliver goods both internationally and locally. Our online platform opens us to a world of endless opportunities in terms of reach, ease of doing business and endless avenues of leverage, As a company we believe that our environment can be preserved and put in a better energy recycling state that will enhance business for organizations, entrepreneurs, consumers and children at large making our world conducive for continuous business and social integration. We provide online and physical support services round the clock on trade, payments and logistics for such product we offer be it metal or agricultural product, we ensure the delivery of service is achieved smoothly without any complication. We believe in preserving good business ethics backed up with quality service delivery and performance, be rest assured we have you covered. We are positioned to deliver top quality service relative to your needs. Our area of core competence is in product sourcing, marketing, procurement and logistics. Quality assurance in this regard we work to deliver on your expectation. We stand in possibilities of transnational cooperation and mutually benefitting business relationship. Our sources are well researched and trusted to deliver on their word and so do we. We look forward to trade relationship with your company. From Nigeria to the world It's possible. What We Do We are a commodity trading company, we conduct our business within the manufacturing and trade sector of earth mineral, from metal to agriculture and more addition to come on stream as occasion will serve. We supply Aluminum Scraps and Ingots, copper, brass and precious metals, cocoa, cashew and the list goes on. We deliver the products needed on time and to specification, by sourcing and managing the movement of products by engaging the relevant infrastructures. As a company we thrive on innovation; re-inventing the wheel in products and service delivery. We have rigorous policies and procedures in place to ensuring compliance with all relevant national and international legislation and regulations. The policies and their implementation are overseen by the Compliance department which is part of the Executive Management PRODUCTS Minimum order within Nigeria is 10tons of any of our product Minimum order for export is 100 tons of any of our product all quotation excludes shipment cost, VAT and Levies. You can also order global and pick up local, i.e you can place your order for export quantity and arrange that we deliver it to your freight forwarding company locally.